Consensus mechanism

Through the voting of special nodes, transactions can be entered in a short time.
Verify and confirm. The Ripple client does not need to download the blockchain, it is inThe general ledger chain that has been verified is discarded on ordinary nodes, and only the most recentVerified ledgers and a link to the historical ledgers, soThe work of stepping and downloading the general ledger is minimal.

Cross-chain consensus
In order to meet the needs of users and developers, BAC will be designed as a high-performance underlying operating system with Turing integrity, supporting multi-asset cross-chain protocols and smart contracts.

BAC introduces a multi-signature trusted wallet mechanism, which can help users lock offline assets and distribute the same number of mapped assets (such as DBTC, DETH) through cross-link plug-ins. Users will be able to more conveniently, quickly, and fairly
Use DAPP on the chain.

DAPP developers can use BAC smart contract protocols that support multi-chain assets. To improve system iteration efficiency, BAC uses a plugin organization. Based on this, we have added a cross-chain plugin to help BAC-based users and DAPPHandle off-chain assets.